The Transportation System Plan (TSP) provides a long term guide for City transportation investments by incorporating the vision of the community into an equitable and efficient transportation system.
The purpose of this site is to help ensure that everyone in City of Gearhart is informed about the development of the City’s TSP, and to provide opportunities to get involved in the process.  We need your participation!

Here you will find information about the process, a schedule of project events, and project documents as they are developed. You can also find a place to tell us what you think – and read what others have said – about different transportation issues around the city.

The website provides a forum for exchanging information and ideas about transportation in the City of Gearhart. Please help us identify what you like about getting around the City of Gearhart as well as opportunities for improvement. Consider questions such as:

  • What do you like about traveling in the City of Gearhart?
  • Is there a particular intersection that you feel is congested?
  • Do you feel unsafe driving, biking or walking at locations around the City?
  • How is the transit service in the City?

You can use the comment map to pinpoint a location, or you can simply use a comment form to share your thoughts. We want to hear from you.